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We build the success of your business!

We are a beautiful team of specialists in marketing and web services, passionate about the latest technologies in this field. We believe in strong long relationships with our customers and that is why we put soul in all our projects by delivering the best solutions for your business!

Analysis and strategy
Web design & software development
About us

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We are creative, original, experienced and attentive.
We care about your business and we understand very well the importance of online presence.

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Analysis & Planning

We discuss and analyze all the details to understand exactly the final product. We position the product in the project scheme and plan the development stages.


Creating and testing

We are looking for the best solutions and we bring all the ideas that help you make your business more efficient.



Satisfied customers are our mission, so we optimize every detail based on your feedback.



We finish the product and deliver it to the customer together with much happiness.

About us

The Edris journey

Apr 2003 - first click in Edris

The passion for design and development turns the dream of two friends into reality. The entrepreneurial journey begins stormily.

Aug. 2003 - the first site launched

After 3 months of "hard" work we launch the first site. Edris' first client is still today, after 18 years, in our portfolio of collaborators. Thanks Aluniș.

2007 - the first foreign partner

A collaboration of over 10 years with Vormidabel begins. Over 100 projects delivered in the Netherlands and Belgium.

2008 - the first full custom online store

And now, after many years, we are proud of the launch of the first online store of the designer Cătălin Botezatu. Experience gained in the 5 years of collaboration is a cornerstone for the future.

2009 - the first hundred sites launched

After 6 years from the first click, with a team of 5 people, we reach the limit of the first 100 delivered projects.

2010 - digital agency

Completing the range of services, specializing in branding, strategy and online promotion, propels us in another direction. We become a full service provider.

Feb. 2012 - orientation towards foreign markets

As a first step in the strategy of expanding agency services on the international market, we are launching the English version of our site. Different approach, localized services, differentiated rates.

2013 - provider of external services

For a period of time we contract exclusively projects for external partners, from Europe (France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Ireland) and the USA.

2016 - partnerships in the Middle East

We sign the first contracts with important companies in the United Arab Emirates, respectively we start the delivery of digital solutions for customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Jul. 2016 - strategic association, development plan

The changed shareholders, the capital inflow and the new organizational chart of the company bring major changes. In a few months we double the production capacity of the team of programmers for the external market and we reposition ourselves with the services for the internal market.

Dec. 2018 - the plan continues

The plan for continuous development and expansion, the first limits are exceeded. At the end of 2018, we tick the tripling of the turnover compared to 2 years ago.

Nov. 2019 - switch turn again

We like to think it's time for our Edris team. We start working, most of the time, on our own and innovative projects. We are preparing for the crisis, without knowing what kind of crisis is coming :)

2020 - the remote year

Our own projects are beginning to materialize. In parallel, the agency's work continues. The pandemic teaches us to work differently from home.

2021 - we reinvent ourselves again

New times, new habits. The pandemic changes the online. The local market needs our services again. We are here, with a smaller team but with much more experience. Reboot and start over!

Apr. 2021 - we celebrate 18 years

Beautiful 18 years, Edris dream continues.

May 2021 - a new target, we launch the U.K. office

Our goal is to find new challenges in the UK market.


Our skills

For the development of your project we use the latest technologies and software development standards, always correlated with your needs and preferences.

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